We are a consortium of domain researchers, statistical and mathematical methods researchers, and research software engineers who care about quantification of uncertainty.


Our goal is to improve the standards of Uncertainty Quantification within the Helmholtz Association – from data to reliable knowledge. We aim to:

  • Harness and adapt recent advances in mathematical-statistical aspects of UQ (based on probability theory).
  • Employ use cases to discover and exploit commonalities among research fields and to transfer good practice between them.
  • Ease access to appropriate UQ solutions.
  • Enable better representation of results, communication to society, and data literacy.

Open Science

Helmholtz UQ identifies with the values of Open Science. We promote sharing of data, code, and knowledge in a reusable fashion to increase speed of discovery, usefulness of research outputs, inclusivity and trust.


We are funded through the Helmholtz Association as a pilot project in the field of information & data science. More information here.

The Team

The Team

We are an international, multidisciplinary team of researchers working across nine Helmholtz institutes.